Inaugural Post-Script

So let’s be honest, I am a bit old-fashioned and have trouble keeping up with social media. My posts aren’t always polished or hip. Latergrams are my forté; I rarely remember to “instantly” share the super-cool-exciting moment I just experienced, even though modern technology has given us the tools (my iPhone 4S is still in a mostly functional state, thank you very much!). Right at our fingertips. Literally. But the truth is, a single day can be full of little instants of awe and wonder and I often feel a deep longing to capture them, savour them, and then tell somebody. Describe it. Express it. Don’t we all? These little memorable blips accumulate and when witnessed by another, it feels as though value is added somehow. Key word: feels. Moments unshared are not worthless or worth less, they’re simply just that: unshared. There’s something in this “sharing” that points me to my Creator, and I see how He designed us to be relational beings. Ever notice how often a child says to anyone who will listen, “Hey! look what I can do!” or “See? See that? Watch me!”. It’s deep-rooted, this relating to someone, this searching for a witness to our moments that build the days, weeks, months, years of our lives.

So consider this blogging endeavour my attempt to pin-down some of these moments. Not to “wow” with what I have done or experienced, but to highlight the divine thread woven through it all and ascribe all glory.

It can be nerve-wracking to open up, to share a perspective that is so uniquely your own, and hope it resonates somewhere with someone.

But I’m gonna give it a whirl.



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